There are several reasons why a retailer might want to install CCTV, one reason is to capture shoplifters red-handed, but also an increasing reality in the retail industry is combating staff theft. Cameras can be placed around tills, stock rooms, and staff exits in order to monitor the activities of retail staff.

Debittech specializes in providing CCTV systems, which meet the requirements of a variety of property types, such as retail premises, educational establishments, industrial sites, and offices. CCTV can be simple or complex, for example to identify individuals or vehicles, to alert an operator to the presence of an individual or to visually patrol a pre-defined area. Once objectives have been agreed, an appropriate mix of system components can be recommended.
View your cameras from anywhere in the world! Anytime!
With a network based high definition video surveillance system you will have access to your cameras from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection. You will be able to view your cameras from any PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

We carry a wide range of surveillance equipment for a variety of installations. We are aware that every application has its challenges and for this reason can custom design a solution for you.

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