Debittech offers a wide variety of Point of Sale systems for retail stores. The products range from Windows-based store level programs to enterprise level solutions. Since 2004, leading Canadian retailers have relied on Debittech’s powerful, user-friendly Point Of Sale software, merchant POS and Retail Inventory Management systems to grow their business and integrate essential front and back office systems with payment processing.



Who needs an Instruction manual?

We deliver to customers of all sizes our integrated, completely configurable enterprise applications that are easy to learn and use. Debittech’s on demand transaction enabling software application can be up and running in days.

Retail POS (point of sale) Software

With Debittech, you can maintain complete control over sales and inventory while providing customers and staff an easy and fast retail pos software checkout solution.

Debittech’s merchant POS system combines the best qualities and customer experiences of traditional retail systems with innovative technology that can link the point of sale terminal to Back Office Systems (B.O.S), accounting, inventory and provide real-time data for management analysis.

Extremely flexible and user-friendly, the Debittech point of sale system is expandable and able to grow with your business. Designed to make your retail network quick and easy, whether you have a single station or you have multiple stores, affiliates, or branches to connect, Debittech’s user-friendly POS software technology stays ahead of industry demands.

  • Restaurant
  • Fast Food
  • Retail / Gas station
  • Convenient Store
  • Grocery / Super Market
  • Clothing (Apparel)
  • Sauna
  • Movie Theatre
  • Church / Temples

  • Microsoft Windows based
  • Support of multiple work stations
  • Support up to 5 logical printers per each station
  • Each logical printer has a separate auto-cut ticket based on menu setting
  • Supports 36 menu groups, and 18,000 items
  • Visual Table Layout
  • Visual Menu Management
  • Visual Menu Modifier Management
  • Forced Modifier support
  • Modifier Buildup support
  • Audit feature: void menu and void orders
  • Change table
  • Assign the customer to each menu
  • Dining order with to go menu
  • Save data without printing the ticket
  • Reprint the tickets
  • Customer sales tracking
  • Point card support
  • Powerful security: 4 level permission (waiter, cashier, manager, admin)
  • Payment Processing Integration
  • Split bills and Combine bills
  • Partial bill printing with the same order number
  • Equal bill printing with the same order number
  • Easy integration with Point cards and gift cards
  • No transaction fee for point cards and gift cards
  • Inventory Control
  • Support of employee timecard
  • Multilingual capability
  • Payment Integration
  • DVR Integration
  • Remote direct access to your Back Office
  • Caller ID Integration
  • Advertising Solution
  • Tablet Module
  • Kiosk Module
  • Loyalty Card / Gift card Marketing

Turn Around Time
Once your order is approved, it will take approximately three business days for the POS system to be installed at your location. Your entire system will come fully configured and customized to your specifications.
Debittech P.O.S Solution’s skilled technicians will handle all aspects of the installation process. A site survey will be conducted to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. Once the site survey is completed, our POS team will contact you to setup the installation at your convenience
Depending on your location, we will provide training either in person or by remote access. Our POS team will make sure you have complete knowledge and understanding of the software and hardware.
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