What is Digital Signage

Digital signage means using digital displays such as LCD, Plasma, and LED to deliver rich media content to a public audience. Each display is connected to the network via media players and can show anything from corporate communications to video and multimedia presentations:

Why digital signage

Digital signage delivers what marketers are looking for today: fine-grained targeting, consumer attention, accountability, and measurable Return on Investment. Digital signage is not TV. A new and unique medium combines the power of mass media with the precision of niche marketing. It provides direct communication with consumers at point of decision, where the viewer is either waiting for service or looking for the right product.

  • Digital Signage Retail / POS displays
  • Public Information / News
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Restaurant menu displays
  • Departure / Arrival Information

Our Screens controlled by the central cloud base server can connect and be controlled from a central location through any IP-based network (include LAN, WAN, wired or WiFi networks.)
All Screens are managed through android base management software.
Our networks can support hundreds of players, driving displays of any kind, e.g. Plasma/LCDs TV, LED screens, etc.

Digital Signage

bar_restaurant (1)

As more people eat out, restaurants are using digital signage to promote their products directly to their customer base and upgrade menu displays, and create a livelier atmosphere for their patrons. Digital displays present a unique opportunity for restaurant owners to easily and effectively enhance their image, promote higher-end offerings, and entertain customers while they wait to be served.

  • Digital Signage is ideal for displaying menus, daily specials, and nutrient/calorie information (increasingly required by law)
  • Post wine lists and other drink offerings
  • Earn revenue from advertising other surrounding business around your business by displaying more ads in a smaller space and more appealing format
  • Save more money by completely eliminating any printing and design costs
  • Manage and update content instantly – control multiple screens / locations from one single work station

Digital Signage in Restaurants & Sports Bars is becoming the norm:

  • Digital signage / Menu Boards
  • Vendor / Partner Advertising
  • Displaying Nutrient & Calorie information
  • Branding & Entertainment

Save Money and Earn More:

  • The cost of expensive printing and shipping
  • Artwork and graphic design expenses


  • Awareness of upcoming deals or events
  • Opportunities to partner with other local businesses
  • Opportunities for more effective branding

Digital Signage: The Perfect Addition to any Sports Bar
When used in a sports bar, Debittech Digital Signage can be especially powerful. Large LCDs that are displaying a highly anticipated sporting event will capture many audience. A video feed via our Digital Signage System in a zoned-window, leaves the rest of the screen’s “real estate” available for high-profile, messaging and advertising. Logos can be displayed in a corner, sponsorship can be run in a crawl line, and an advertisement of your wine selection can run on the side. Often times a supplier of a dining/sports bar facility will divert coop-advertising dollars to dynamic video rather than print advertising.

Keep Visitors Engaged, Informed, and Entertained


Hotels offer one of the best opportunities to maximize the full potential of digital signage. Given the sheer amount of underutilized physical space within most hotels, along with their basic function as a transition point for visitors to a city or town, Digital Signage provides these establishments with a unique and creative way to boost revenues and reach more of their guests.

  • Use digital signs to improve visitor familiarity with hotel premises and local neighborhoods
  • Highlight luxury amenities such as top-level suites, spa facilities, room service, and other lucrative comforts
  • Become an advertising platform for nearby businesses and create an additional revenue stream
  • Digital signs can be put to work anywhere – in dining areas, lobbies and other waiting areas (such as the front desk or outside elevators), or even in personal rooms
  • Messages can be controlled from one central location and can be customized on a per-hotel or regional basis – meaning it’s easy to keep content up-to-date and relevant

Digital signage can be placed in the lobby or hallways to direct guests to conference room locations, list restaurant hours, display special room promotions and incentive/frequent traveler program information. Value-added content may include promotions of hotel dining menus and specials, ads from local partnered businesses, weather, news and community events.

Keeping Customers and Visitors Educated and Engaged


Most bank visitors spend at least some time waiting around – either in pre-arranged areas, the teller line, or even at the teller window itself. Large and small, more banks throughout the world are turning to digital signage to help connect with customers while they wait.

  • Advertise loan programs, investment accounts, and other banking products
  • Keep visitors engaged with news, sports, and stock updates
  • Promote your bank’s presence in the community by highlighting successful small business loans and charitable efforts
  • Increase bottom line numbers by selling ad space to mortgage companies, financial advisors, and other third parties

Smart Digital signage is Easier and Less Expensive than You Realize


You probably already have 90% of the content right in your office! Your digital photos, videos, slide presentations, or parent realtor commercials are all great content for your on-site digital display system, and once you tell affiliates (title companies, mortgage brokers) that you have a non-stop promotional tool, they’ll probably send additional content. Smart Digital Signage network digital signage systems can be acquired economically, managed remotely, and do not require any yearly licensing or software support fees.

  • Upload content from anywhere there’s browser access–at home, on the road, or at a trade shows
  • No limits on the number of uploads–change your content as often as you like, for free
  • No licensing fees means low start-up costs

Signage Systems in Malls, Retail stores, Supermarkets:


  • Promote new products, special offers, and sales using in-store screens
  • Showcase product demonstrations and testimonials
  • Educate and Inform customers about loyalty programs (ideal for supermarkets and grocers)
  • Easy network ability from one central location – particularly ideal for a businesses with multiple stores
  • Deliver ads from suppliers or third-party advertisers on digital retail signage
  • Show maps or directions of your store or mall near the entrance or lobby area
  • Increase foot-traffic by installing store window displays(ideal for convenience stores)
  • Broadcast training videos, safety tips, and messages from management
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